Defending the rights of justice and sustainability investors in pursuit of a strong economy for all.

At this moment, a reactionary minority of political actors are fighting to maintain systems of power that limit access to the American Dream. These efforts pose a direct threat to the economic future of all American investors and businesses.


The Freedom Economy
firmly stands
with the majority of Americans.

The Freedom Economy is a centralized membership organization led by a coalition of best-in-class investors with an extensive network of values-aligned legal professionals.


We provide DEI, ESG, and impact investors with critical legal resources and community support so they may stand boldly in their power.




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Join the only online community and resource center
for justice and sustainability investors.

The Legal Resource Network

The Legal Resource Network (LRN) is a private, members-only online community that equips justice and sustainability investors with the information and resources they need to boldly stand up against targeted legal attacks and advance their objectives. The LRN is exclusively available to members of the Freedom Economy.


To request to join the LRN, contact [email protected] or click the button below.

The LRN portal includes:

  • Strategic guidance and best practices from trusted legal experts
  • Anti-DEI/ESG litigation and legislation tracking
  • Community discussion boards and other information-sharing platforms
  • Virtual events and industry briefings

Additional resources coming soon!


Connecting Legal Professionals with Impact Investors


Through the LRN, the Freedom Economy remains committed to connecting legal professionals with the expanded network of investors and resources they need to win.


The LRN portal for legal professionals is coming soon.


Click the button below to learn more or apply to join, or contact [email protected] if you need immediate assistance.